About myself

Ulrike Pieper Upholster Denia

My name is Ulrike Pieper. I have been running my own business as an interior designer for 30 years   now. In Winsen an der Aller, in Lower Saxony, I manufacture custom-made, durable upholstery for all kinds of seating furniture, lounge furniture, sun loungers and roofed wicker beach chairs. Before all, quality is what matters to me. Due to exclusive materials (such as Batyline or Cool colors) my upholstery is:

  • UV resistant
  • not decomposable
  • mould resistant
  • resistant to saltwater

Apart from that, the material copes with extraordinary temperatures by heating up to 25 p.c. less than usual.  So dark colours will no longer be a problem.

Furthermore, I can offer you three new products developed by myself, one of them patented: swim up, fun up and reha up are a high quality replacement of traditional air mattresses, as they do not require tiresome inflating any more.

swim up