The insides count

Did you ever make this experience?

After only one season in the open the seat cushions have gone saggy and, depending on the weather, the foam material crumbles, turns yellow and decomposes. Then, after sitting a little while, the clothes are feeling moist. This is annoying, as the cushions had not been a bargain buy.

What is it due to?

There are several reasons:

One is the insufficient volumetric weight of the foamed material. High quality foam material has a durability of 10 to12 years which makes a big difference compared to the industrial ware.

Furthermore, the foam material wants to be protected using, for example, a Diolen fleece  which must be glued all around. If not, the fleece will start to move underneath the cover which leads, after a while, to the decomposition of the foam material.

All woven upholstery fabrics are light-transmissive which accelerates, without an adequate protection, the process of decomposition. In addition, outdoors the cushions are exposed to the sun (ultraviolet rays).

Although the cushion appears to be dry people’s clothes sometimes get moist when sitting on them. This often results from a loose plastic foil introduced in between the foam and the cover that tends to slip out of place and makes sitting uncomfortable.

In my workshop I manufacture custom-made cushions with a high quality and well protected interior allowing you to enjoy a comfortable and cosy outdoor season.