Reha up Ulrike Pieper

reha up – The cushion for aqua gym and rehabilitation

reha up is the uprating of “fun up” for therapeutic use. The cushion is a helpful tool for the therapist both for working in the water and ashore. The cushion is light, flexible and comfortable. The EPS pearls of the filling follow any movement of your body and can be used for years before exchanging them. The cushion offers the therapist plenty of possibilities to work with his patients.

The “reha up“  cushion can be used afloat and ashore. It is equipped with a light instability which can be helpful in the following two aspects:

Regarding health:

  • „reha up“ increases the muscular activity and the core stability, strengthens and improves the neural control of the spine and thereby helps to reduce chronic backache in the lumbar spine.
  • It helps to improve the balance and together with increased physical strength and    muscle forming, prevents falls.

Regarding physical rehabilitation:

  • Thanks to its incorporated instability the cushion helps to prevent and recover from injuries of the limbs and the central part of the body.

In the water, the cushion  „reha up“ stands for comfort, security and stability allowing patients with limited mobility, due to some kind of disability or pathology, to do their exercises in physical therapy.

reha up is equipped with two safe and adjustable straps allowing non-swimmers, too, to do their exercises in the water without fear.

The cushion dries quickly and does not heat up in the sun. All materials are durable, resistant

to decay and free from PVC. reha up is made of high-quality water, dirt and oil repellent material and, after use, it can easily be cleaned with water.

The material I use is available in many colours, and it is:

  • Rot-proof
  • Dirt and water repellent
  • Made of light-transmissive, air-permeable polyester fabric
  • Shape-retaining and extremely tear proof
  • PVC-free.


” My husband has problems with his knee (operation). So when we had bought the reha up cushion he was quite excited about it. “